• Framed painting of seascape by Karlyn Marshall Artist Artwork photographed by Life in Focus Portraits photography for small business Rhu Helensburgh

Many artists wish to sell prints of their art, whereas some may just want to keep a permanent archive for themselves, whichever applies to you I can help you.

As a skilled and experienced photographer I recognise the importance of providing a truly accurate reproduction of your work; you have spent hours on your piece of work, and any reproduction needs to recreate your work accurately both in detail and colour.

framed deep blue seascape painting by Karlyn Marshall Artist Helensburgh Art Hub photographed by Life in Focus Portraits product photography for independent crafters Helensburgh Loch Lomond

I will photograph your artwork under controlled lighting conditions, then follow this up by a thorough inspection of the capture on my colour calibrated monitor making any colour balance adjustments necessary.  Finally you will be provided with a test print of your work for you to approve.   My tried and tested workflow ensures colour consistency and a top quality reproduction of your art from start to finish.

Artwork can be dropped off to me in my studio in Rhu, or if you have your own studio/gallery locally I can come to you.  Once you have approved the test print you may order further prints through me at a competitive price or alternatively you may source these yourself using the provided hi resolution digital file.

Exclusive to Life in Focus Portraits locally.

I am also able to provide you with images showing your artwork within different frame combinations and installed in various roomsets for your website or etsy shop.  Helping your potential customers visualise your artwork in their own home, increasing your sales potential.

Want to know more, just drop me an email to info@lifeinfocusportraits.co.uk

All of the artwork on this page is the beautiful work of Karlyn Marshall, to see more of her work you can visit Helensburgh Art Hub

Collection of 4 seascape paintings of Berneray Karlyn MArshall Artist Helensburgh Art Hub photoraphed by Life in Focus Portraits photography independent artists Argyll & Bute