For the 3rd year running we will once again be holding an afternoon of sessions especially for the families who will have a loved one deployed this Christmas.

We will capture a number of lovely photos of your little (or big) ones on one of our Christmas themed set-ups.  Immediately after your session you can choose your favourite image and card design.  We will then produce your special custom Christmas card to pop in with Daddy’s Christmas gifts.

photos of children in Christmas scenes

Here's what some of the families from previous years had to say about their special cards:

“I loved the idea of the card as I knew it was something special he could open at sea and knew it would put a smile on his face.  The photograph was fantastic as always.

He said it was  ‘An unexpected amazing reminder of home’ and really cheered him up when he needed it too as he was missing Olivia’s first Christmas.”

"When I was at sea, I broke my phone and lost all my pictures of my kids. This was on the 1st week. I started to doubt my memories of my son especially as I didn't even have old pictures backed up to the computer, until it came to Xmas day and I opened my card that my wife and kids had specially made for me. It was a family picture of them. It's things like that, that lifted my spirits and make it easier to get through. Honestly couldn't have asked for a better gift whilst at sea."

“This photo shoot didn’t feel like a regular shoot,  it’s very relaxed and informal with chocolates and and toys out to distract the kids. It actually got me excited for Christmas, which is hard when you know your loved one will be away. But knowing that this little surprise would mean so much to my husband was really comforting. It’s also a great opportunity to meet with other families. Louise is incredibly flexible, I didn’t feel rushed as she allowed me time to settle my newborn and she really takes her time and care to insure a great photo. I highly recommend getting a card, especially as Louise graciously offers her services for a charitable donation.”

To make your booking we ask for a minimal donation of £1, this year the moneys raised will be donated to Remember My Baby a registered charity for whom I am proud to be a volunteer photographer and the Regional Coordinator for the Glasgow area.

Ready to book?

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are short 5 minute sessions and are ONLY for families of those deployed on a patrolling boat over Christmas. Our usual Limited Edition Christmas mini sessions have many more options and will be held from Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th November, click HERE to find out more about our Limited Edition Christmas Mini Sessions.

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