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NEW Bijoux Photography Collections for Micro Weddings and Elopements in Helensburgh & Loch Lomond

As a multi award winning wedding photographer in Helensburgh and being so close to Loch Lomond, I am taking more and more Wedding photography bookings for small and intimate “Micro Weddings’

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2020 has been a bit of a “wash out” and many brides and grooms have had to put their wedding planning on hold, postponing or cancelling their Wedding to hold out for the big Wedding Day that they had meticulously planned.

For others though there is no question that they will go ahead regardless and there are some couples who have only recently decided to get married and take advantage of some of the wonderful packages venues have on offer at the moment for small “micro” weddings.  And a small and intimate wedding is exactly what they want…..after all it is all about YOU and in these times of uncertainty often the only thing we can be sure of is our love for each other.

You may choose to have a small and intimate Wedding with your closest family and friends, or you may decide to get married in secret, just the 2 of you.  Either way your Wedding Photography is probably even more important, not only for your own memories but it’s the most beautiful way to share the moments of your special day with family and friends who could not be with you.

Many wedding venues in Helensburgh and Loch Lomond are now offering special packages for Micro Weddings

Micro Weddings….not a term that’s been used much over the years, so why now?  Well Covid-19 has meant that many many couples (and the Wedding Industry) have had to adapt their Wedding plans to work with the various restrictions and guidelines in place.  And for many couples this shift has been something of a “blessing in disguise”….I know, I know, don’t shoot me, but hear me out here;

How often can a Wedding be a source of family fall outs…..remember Great Auntie Ethel (who you haven’t seen since you were 5)?   Well now you have the perfect reason to not spend £100 or so on a meal for her…and possibly another £100 on her “plus one”… put that towards your honeymoon instead, or extra champagne…whatever floats your boat.  I say this tongue in cheek, however for many couples (myself included) there may be a multitude of reasons that smaller is better!

(no offence to any Great Auntie Ethels by the way….I really loved mine and she would have definitely been invited to my wedding if she were still around)

So what is a “Micro Wedding”?

Micro – from Greek mikros ‘small’.

By definition Micro weddings are smaller than your typical wedding, usually with around 20 or less of your nearest and dearest family and friends as your guests.  I’ve been really enjoying the slower and more laid back pace of these weddings…and so have my couples!

The Wedding day has been much more relaxed, less stressful, less timetabled (how much easier is it to sit 20 people down to eat at the same time than 100?)  Couples have had time to sit and chat with their guests, instead of rushing around worrying they’ve missed someone.  Less planning, less worrying about who to sit with who and (yes I’m going to say it) more affordable!  Weddings aren’t cheap, and we seem to be getting more and more carried away with the little extras…the sweet carts, the fireworks etc etc.  While all these touches are lovely extras….it’s really nice to focus on the important bit….sealing your love for each other and spending the most wonderful day amongst your nearest and dearest.

I love a big wedding just as much as anyone…and they always give such great documentary photo opportunities.  But with the smaller, intimate weddings the bonus for me as a Wedding Photographer is that we can be a little more relaxed about time for couple portraits, making it easier to nip out in between the inevitable Scottish showers and not worrying about eating into time spent with guests.

Bijoux Wedding Photography Collections for Micro Weddings and Elopements in Helensburgh and Loch Lomond

I have Wedding Photography Collections to suit every couple’s needs and my Gypsophila Collection is perfect for small weddings allowing the perfect amount of time to capture the main part of your day.


However having spoken to several couples who are either eloping or going ahead with a micro wedding, they may want just a couple of hours of photography.

My NEW Bijoux Collection caters perfectly with coverage of your ceremony and a couples photoshoot after.  Giving you lasting memories of your special day which you can share with family and friends.

This collection includes direct download of fully edited images in high resolution, ready to print.

You may also wish to add on a beautiful Wedding Album, or maybe a stunning piece of wall art for your home.  I have a wonderful range of products that I am more than happy to show you.

wedding photos and pricing for micri wedding Loch Lomond and Helensburgh

Please note that this collection is exclusive to local weddings, wedding bookings further than 20 miles/30 minutes drive from Helensburgh will incur an additional fee.