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Gail & Alistair’s Secret Elopement Wedding in Helensburgh

As a Helensburgh Wedding Photographer Elopements are quite popular, especially given my close proximity to Loch Lomond.  This wedding was little more special for me as a photographer as I’ve known Gail for several years.

Being asked to photograph a wedding for someone you know is always an honour, but even more so when you are the only person (with the exception of the registrar) who knows about the couple’s wedding plans!  I was so delighted to be the one capturing Gail and Alistair’s wedding photographs to enable them to share the moments from their Wedding day with their family and friends.

The lovely meaningful ceremony was conducted by Elaine, one of the Helensburgh Registrars.  As a wedding photographer it was a little more challenging than usual as I was more restricted as to where I could stand to ensure I maintained the distance from Elaine and the witnesses.

photos of marriage ceremoney at HelensburghCivic Centre with Argyll and Bute Registrar Secret Elopement Covid Wedding
photo of Bride and Groom outside Helensburgh Civic Centre Secret Elopement Wedding
monochrome photograph of bride and groom on wedding day secret elopement wedding in Helensburgh
wedding photo of bride and groom at Helensburgh Registry Office Argyll and Bute Registrars

As is quite often the case for Helensburgh…and well the West coast of Scotland in general, the weather forecast for the day was shall we say “unpredictable” and it really could have gone either way.  Lucky for us the showers came and went and after the wedding ceremony we captured some beautiful couple photographs outside the Helensburgh Civic Centre, incorporating the lovely mix of the old architecture of the old Clyde Street School and the more recent part of the building.

photo of newly married couple on Wedding day at Helensburgh Civic Centre Argyll and Bute Elopement Wedding
Wedding photo of bride and groom kissing under tree
weddingphotograph os bride and groom hand in hand under autumn trees Rhu Helensburgh Argyll and Bute

We then hopped in our cars and drove just 5 minutes along the road to Rhu for more photographs, making use of the mature trees and the beautiful autumn colours.

bride and groom portrait under tree wedding photo Helensburgh
sunset silhouette photo of bride and groom on wedding day Rhu Helensburgh Elopement Micro Wedding