Maternity with Sibling

Mum to Be sessions are best held when the tummy is nice and round and you are feeling well.  This can be anywhere from 30-36 weeks; however sessions can be held safely up to 38 weeks.

Sessions can be held in the studio or on location.  I recommend that you have something to eat before your session and that you bring something to drink, and a snack if you wish.

When you arrive we will have a chat about what type of images you want from your session to ensure it is tailored to you.

Clothing SuggestionsBacklight Maternity port

Please feel free to bring more than one outfit to your session, clothes that fit snugly over your bump are the best.  I generally recommend a couple of staples: a button through shirt/blouse, a flattering dress, a strappy top or 2 and a pair of jeans, black, white and nude underwear and maybe some pretty nightwear along with a few accessories and pieces of jewellery that fit your style.   You may also wish to bring a pair of heels.

Please don’t worry if you do not have all of these, these are only suggestions, this is YOUR session and it is important that you feel comfortable.   I have a number of maternity gowns and an assortment of wraps and fabrics available for your session.


Please do not wear anything with elastic around your bump for a few hours before your session and if possible avoid wearing anything which could leave marks on your skin, e.g. tight socks, watches etc.

Hair and makeup are recommended but not required.