Many new parents can be anxious about a miriad of things, and might feel a little uncomfortable asking lots of questions… to try and ease that I’ve decided to answer a few here.  But please do feel free to ask any questions at all of me.  I want your experience to be enjoyable, relaxing and worry free.

How long does it take?

Newborn sessions usually take anything from 2 to 4 hours and occasionally a little longer.  Sessions are baby led and much of this time will be spent feeding and settling baby.  We have refreshments and magazines in the studio and we encourage parents to put their feet up, relax and take full advantage of the few hours break… some parents will bring along a book to read, and occasionally a Dad may have 40 winks!

What do I need to bring to the session?

You don’t need to bring anything special for your baby, your usual changing bag containing whatever you would normally take with you for an afternoon out with your newborn is all you will need.  The studio is well equipped with changing facilities, sterilizer and bottle warmer, and should you forget anything we have supplies of nappies, wipes, ready made formula and new dummies.

Do you have props and outfits for my baby?

We have lots of props and outfits in the studio in a variety of colours.  Before your session we will discuss with you your preferred colours, any specific props you would like us to use and whether there is anything in particular you like/dislike.   If you have something sentimental, for example a special toy or perhaps a hand made blanket, then please do let us know and bring them along so that we can incorporate these into your session.  We want your images to be as individual as you, your baby and your home.

I’m worried my baby won’t settle.

Sometimes babies may take a little while to settle, they are in new surroundings with a new person holding them and talking to them, this is entirely normal.  We ensure that baby is warm and well fed and use a variety of soothing techniques to settle and sooth baby. Occasionally baby may be having an “off day” or may be going through a growth spurt and cluster feeding…..if this is the case we will offer to reschedule the session for another day.

Will my baby be safe?

Our baby’s safety is something that we as parents will naturally worry about but maybe feel a little silly and overprotective if we ask this outright.  But this is undoubtedly THE most IMPORTANT question and one that should be asked, unfortunately not all photographers will have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge. Throughout the session baby’s safety is my number one priority, as well as my background as a qualified Nursery Nurse I have undertaken specific training in safe newborn posing with some of the top professionals in the industry, I am also very proud to be a Professional standard member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association who are committed to promoting safe practice in Newborn Photography.

Do I have to have my photo taken?

I always encourage parents to be in at least a couple of images with their baby, remember these images are not just for you, now….but for your son/daughter to treasure in years to come, these will be the images they share with their children and grandchildren.  I know how we can often feel a little self conscious, especially just days after giving birth….and if, when you see your images, you really don’t like them…well you don’t have to buy them!

So what should I wear?

I recommend parents bring plain neutral coloured tops, be that black, white or grey, either sleeveless or with short sleeves.  I do have a selection of clothing in the studio which you are welcome to use and will sometimes wrap Mum in fabric.  If you are comfortable we will also capture some skin to skin images.  Feel free to bring along some make-up and take some time to pamper yourself while I’m taking care of baby…..a swipe of lippy and mascara always makes us feel that bit more confident!

Can my older child be included in the session?

YES of course!  As sessions often take several hours which can seem an awful lot longer to a young child, I recommend that you arrange for someone to bring older siblings along either at the beginning or end of the session.