For a long time now I have longed to photograph a birth.

I know that some people may think that a little weird, but what can be more beautiful than a new life entering the world.  Think about it, when summing up the best moments of your life what are your top 3?  I would bet that for most of you your childrens’ arrival would be up there, along with your wedding day perhaps.  So why shouldn’t such a life changing moment be captured!

For many of us the birth goes by in a haze of pain relief and sometimes stress.  We often don’t even register half of what is going on, sure we usually remember the difficult bits, the stress when things aren’t moving along as we’d wish…What we don’t always see, let alone remember, are the expressions on Dad’s face when he first lays eyes on his Daughter, the stolen kiss to say “WELL DONE MUMMY” and the pure adoration on your face as you take in every inch of your baby’s perfect face while enjoying your first cuddle.

Birth photography, whilst seeming a little strange to some, is the perfect way to capture those moments forever.

I always joke that it’s not all “foof” shots (sorry if I offend!!) in fact quite often there isn’t a “foof” in sight!  It’s not just about the “mechanics” of the birth, it’s about the connection between you, your partner and your new baby, it’s about capturing the whirlwind of emotions, the pride, the relief, the joy.

I was so thrilled when my lovely friend, who is also a professional photographer, found out she was expecting her 4th baby and she asked me to capture the birth for her.

Of course I jumped at the chance, even if it did involve a 13 hour round trip, I truly wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  As Amanda was having a planned C section there were a few hoops to jump through, but I’m really pleased to say that with the backing of Amanda’s midwife and surgeon I was allowed into theatre.  So now that Amanda’s family and the birth team have seen the photos I’m so pleased to be able to share these with you at last!

 Amanda’s Birth Story

Just look at that bump…we all had a giggle when bump was measuring 47 weeks!  As Amanda and Tom were team yellow we all took a guess at whether we were going to meeting a baby girl or a baby boy.  Whilst everyone else thought boy, Amanda was convinced that this baby would be a girl, and being right for her previous 3 children the bets were on!

After all Amanda's pre op checks were done it was time to head down to theatre.  Tom and I had to get a selfie in our scrubs!

With a "gentle" or "natural" Caesarean Section birth the baby isn't manually removed from the womb, instead the surgeon makes the incision into the uterus and manouvres baby's head  into a suitable position then,  just as in the case of a vaginal delivery, the uterus contracts and the baby makes their way into the world with the surgeon supporting baby's head and upper body as they emerge.  Unusually baby turned during the birth, I like to think that that was especially for me 😉

At 11.08 am Amanda gave birth a beautiful baby GIRL .... "I knew it was a girl!" were the first words from Amanda.

It really was such an amazing thing to witness and all happened much quicker than we expected.

Welcome to the World Evie Ann

How big?

Not to disappoint (remember that bump that measured 47 weeks!!) After 3 attempts on the scales, Evie weighed in at 10 pounds 11 and a half ounces, she was certainly getting well nourished in Mummy's tummy!  Just look at the expressions on Mummy and Daddy's faces.

Time for Daddy to cut the cord and Mummy's first cuddles.  Proud new parents once again.

Another "well done" kiss for Amanda while Evie has her first feed.  Then back to the ward and Dad just about managed a quick cuddle before Evie decided she'd quite like some more food!

Time for me to head off home and leave this gorgeous family in peace to enjoy their new addition.

If you would like to see more photos from Evie's birth story, you can watch the slideshow on the Life in Focus Portraits Facebook Page under the videos tab.

I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to Amanda and Tom for inviting me to capture such precious moments for you, and the wonderful birth team at The Pilgrim Hospital for allowing me into your space and being so supportive of Amanda's choices.

If you would like me to capture your Birth Story, I would love to have a chat with you.  Please Get in touch.