A fun afternoon on the moors

Dogs, fresh air and photography…is there a better way to spend an afternoon?

There is a saying that most of you will have heard: “choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”   But how true is that saying really?  There’s no doubt that I love what I do, yes it sounds cliche but I really do feel honoured when a family chooses me to capture their memories, that I witness and record the most joyous (and sometimes the most devastating) times of peoples’ lives.  But sometimes I can feel over-worked, over-whelmed and over-tired…lots of “overs”!  And I really don’t want to lose the love.

So what’s the answer?  Well I’ve often been asked “do you shoot for yourself” and well if the truth be told since I started photographing professionally, I have spent little to no time continuing my photography as a hobby.  I have been so focused on education to better my craft and the endless quest for improvement (and dare I say it, perfection?) that I don’t just have fun with it anymore, and that’s sad.

So these past few weeks I have seized every opportunity possible to “shoot for me” and I have had so much fun….

I figure I may aswell share my adventures with you all, after all that is what photographs are for…to be viewed and enjoyed.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I’m what’s affectionately known as a “dog mum”!  We always had at least one family dog growing up and whilst our first few years in our home were “dogless”, that changed 9 years ago when we brought our gorgeous girl Poppy home.  We added 2 more pooches to our family last summer and let’s just say there is never a dull (or quiet) moment in our house now!

Anyway, I digress!  A couple of weeks ago, whilst I was in Yorkshire visiting family, I took a trip to spend the afternoon with a photographer friend who also happens to be a rather busy “dog mum” herself…..I think at last count she has 13 dogs…all working or retired working dogs.

After having lots of snuggles and licks with Dotty, a rather adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy, we headed out on to the moors with 3 of Caro’s girls.

Meet Vega, Freckle and Kestrel, 3 beautiful “working girls” out on the South Yorkshire Moors.

working cocker spaniel working labrador gundogs on the moors heather Life in Focus Portraits professional dog photographer Rhu Helensburgh Loch Lomond


It’s quite a challenge capturing a spaniel hurtling towards you through the heather, for a start I didn’t quite know which direction Freckle was going to come running from!

working cocker spaniel gundog running through heather outdoor professional dog photography Loch Lomond Argyll and Bute

While Freckle was doing all that running around Vega and Kestrel were sitting (not so) patiently… not helped by the annoying flies that decided it was a good day to be buzzing about on the moor!

working gundogs labrador cocker spaniel outdoor dog photoshoot Life in Focus Portraits professional photographer Rhu Helensburgh Argyll and Bute



working cocker spaniel gundog photo Life in Focus Portraits professional dog photographer Rhu Helensburgh Argyll and ButeThen it was Freckle’s turn for a rest while Kestrel showed us just how beautiful and clever she is.

black labrador working gundog outdoor dog photoshoot Life in Focus Portraits professional dog photographer Balloch Alexandria Loch Lomond

We finished off the afternoon by heading down to the reservoir for a cool off and a swim…the dogs not the humans!!

It turns out that Freckle can fly!!

working cocker spaniel jumping through water Life in Focus Portraits professional dog photography Loch Lomond Luss

And you can’t take a dog swimming without capturing a classic “shake shot”

labrador after swimming Life in Focus Portraits professional dog photographer Luss Loch Lomond Argyll and Bute

So what’s the verdict?

There’s no denying that an afternoon out in the fresh air is a great way to refresh and recharge, and it’s even better when you’re accompanied by man’s best friend…or in this case a woman’s best friends!

I have learned new skills and I have found a renewed love…and yes I’m worn out, but I’m also energised and excited.   I’m really hoping to get and and do more dog photography, so if you fancy letting me tag along on your favourite walk with your best friend and capturing some memories for you along the way, then please get in touch.


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