Photography on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond

On a lovely mild day in September a group of family photographers from all over Scotland descended upon Shemore Farm overlooking Loch Lomond.  We were all there to learn from Nina Mace, who is one of the UK’s leading child and family photographers.  All of Nina’s photography is in the clients own home or outdoors, so something quite different to what I’m used to.

As much as I really love styled fine art photography, in the normal day to day we capture memories…and Nina does this so well.  We had some lovely children to photograph on the day, two of whom are Kay’s gorgeous wee ones.

Kay and her family live and work on the farm which has been in her family for several generations.  It was so lovely to capture them in their own environment, doing things that they do on a daily basis, but that in not too many years will be but a memory…a memory that is now captured in images for them to look at in years to come…perhaps with their own children, or even grandchildren.

We even captured some images with their late great grandpa’s crook which he had as a child, something so special and sentimental which has been passed down through the generations.