The beginning of the year I spent two rainy days on a Scottish farm, learning from the world famous photographer Elena Shumilova.

Used to being in a controlled studio environment, I was very much outside my comfort zone.  Working outside in changing light is a very different kettle of fish!  It was wellyboots and raincoats at the ready, something that we’re used to…. typical Scottish rainy days.  Rather than see this as a negative Elena embraced the heaviness of the sky, the clouds and even the rain…all of it adding atmosphere and feeling to the images.

children on farm trailer in field

It was an enlightening 2 days, listening to Elena talk about her vision and seeing how she takes that through the process of the photography, and then the editing to produce the final work of art.

It was also an amazing opportunity to meet fellow professional photographers from different places.  As well as Elena herself who’s from Russia, there were students who had travelled from all over the UK as well as Finland and Sweden….I’m already planning my visits, especially as the Aurora Borealis is on my bucket list 🙂

Girl holding owl in field

We had gorgeous wee models including some magnificent owls and the rather handsome Louis….who got the biggest laugh of the day when he decided “needs must” halfway through his photoshoot!

You can see Elena’s wonderful photography over on her Facebook page.