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Yesterday, while planning our Mummy & Me photoshoots, I asked a question on our Facebook Page.  I asked Mums when was the last time they had their photo taken, with or without their children.  The responses were, I must admit, exactly what I expected.  Why?  Because as a woman and a Mother I share the same feelings, I have the same insecurities and I too exist in very few photos.

So what did those Mums have to say?  Well there was the all too common answer of “I’m too fat”, “I’m embarrassed” and “I’m the one taking the family photographs and my husband never thinks to take photos of me and the children”

Even though these were the answers I expected (because all of those apply to me as well) they still made me sad.

Why?  Because one day our children will want to share their memories of us their Mothers, with their children and their Grandchildren…they’ll want to pour over the photo albums and smile at the memories…or maybe shed a tear or two.  Will they see those extra pounds….will they hell!!  They’ll see their beautiful Mum, who raised them, who loved them and whose life changed for them.  They’ll see the love in your eyes, the smile on your lips and they’ll remember how your arms felt wrapped tightly around them.

So please Mummies, get yourselves in those photos, even if it’s a silly selfie (go easy on the snapchat filters though eh 😉 ) and Daddies, please capture those memories for yourself and your children, catch her when she’s not looking, when she’s snuggling on the sofa, when she’s pushing the swings in the park…..peep round the bedroom door when she’s reading that bedtime story.  These are your children’s memories…the snapshots are just as important as the professional portraits.  And please print them, stick them on the fridge, pop them in an album, or hide them in a box if you must….because believe me that box will be your children’s most treasured possession one day.

To celebrate Mothers Day we are holding a day of Mummy & Me mini sessions, I want every Mum to have at least one beautiful professional photograph with their children which is why I am offering these for just £20 including a print of your favourite image of you with your children.

I want you to let go of those insecurities, leave the self doubt outside the studio door and realise that you are enough….give your children a priceless gift, a beautiful image of their beautiful Mummy.

“I rarely appear in my own family photos as I am normally the one taking the photos so to have some beautiful, natural shots like these is something I will really treasure.
I’m definitely not a model by any stretch and I’m not very confident in myself at times (especially after three children!) But Louise is an expert at making me feel relaxed and good about myself and she is fantastic with the kids. I really couldn’t recommend her enough for lovely photos that I will treasure for years and years.”  Sophie (Supermum)

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Mummy and Me photoshoot Life in Focus Portraits family photographer Rhu Helensburgh